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What Are Bacteria?

Bacteria are also called microscopic organisms and germs that are visible only through a microscope. However, the fact is bacteria are all over, both outside and inside of the human body. These germs can live in different types of surroundings, even in ice water and hot water. Some microorganisms are good for you, but others can be harmful. Bacteria are simple or one-celled organisms. Even though they are small they are harmful and powerful, and these bacteria can live in apex conditions. These microorganisms have a strong protective layer that increases their confrontation with white blood cells in your body. Bacteria with a tail is known as flagellum, and it helps bacteria to spread around. Some other type of bacteria contains sticky hair kind of appendages that help the germs stick to each other, human body cells, and hard surfaces. You can find various types of bacteria in the human body, particularly in the mouth and stomach. Also, bacteria are found in substances like soil, food, and water, and also on surfaces.

What Are the Types of Bacteria?

Bacteria can be facultative anaerobes, anaerobic, or aerobic. These bacteria types define how they react to oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria will not live around oxygen, whereas aerobic bacteria require oxygen to live. Facultative anaerobic bacteria develop best with oxygen but it doesn’t need oxygen.

What Are the Benefits of Bacteria?

Some bacteria are considered to be good for the human body, and the bacteria in the gut or digestive system are considered good bacteria. This microorganism makes your body healthy by breaking down the food. Also, good bacteria can provide oxygen, and it is used to produce antibiotics. In food production, bacteria are used to produce fermented foods and yogurt. The environmental system depends on bacteria to work suitably, for instance, bacteria break down unwanted matter in the environment, including releasing carbon dioxide, dead leaves, and nutrients in the course. If the carbon dioxide is not released, then the plants will not grow.

How Are Bacteria Dangerous?

Even though there are more good bacteria compared to bad bacteria, but some bacteria are very dangerous. If you encounter or consume harmful bacteria, they can reproduce toxins and release them in your body that can harm the tissues in your body and make you sick immediately. Pathogenic bacteria are considered harmful bacteria as it causes illnesses and diseases like staph infections, strep throat, tuberculosis, food poisoning, and cholera.

Bacteria as prokaryotes:

All living organisms in the environment are made up of two fundamental types of cells that include eukaryotic cells or prokaryotic cells. In these cells, the genetic substance is enclosed within an atomic membrane where the genetic substance is not detached from the rest of the cell. In general, all prokaryotic cells are nothing but bacteria, and it was categorized in the prokaryotic realm Moera. But, their grouping as Monera is comparable in taxonomy to the other realm including Animalia, Plantae, and Protista-eukaryotic cells. The prokaryotic bacteria are divided into two domains that include Archaea and Bacteria. Superficially they both are similar but fundamentally distinct. The difference between the two microorganisms is based on the distinctive indication for their separate and ancient evolutionary roots and also basic differences in their physiology and chemistry.

What are probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics and prebiotics, both are vital for human health. But, they play different roles, which are: Probiotics: Probiotics are live bacteria that are found in supplements or specific foods. It provides various health benefits. Prebiotics: These bacteria are found mostly in fiber products that the human body cannot digest. The helpful bacteria in your stomach consume this fiber. Consuming specific amounts of both prebiotics and probiotics can assure that you obtain the perfect balance of these bacteria to retain your stomach microbiota healthy.

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