How does cephalexin work

Cephalexin - How it works?

Cephalexin is an antibiotic that belongs to a group of drugs called cephalosporin, which means this group of medications works in the same way. Cephalexin antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. How do Cephalexin works? This antibiotic works by meddling with the formation of the cell walls of the bacteria. Through this medication, your body fights against the bacteria by breaking the bacteria’s cell walls. The main usage of this drug is to treat bacterial infections, however, it is not used to treat viruses like the common cold. Cephalexin side-effects: Cephalexin medication does not cause drowsiness, but some side effects include: Common Side effects: - Indigestion - Diarrhea - Stomach pain - Inflammation or irritation of stomach lining Note: If these common side effects are mild in the patient, then you don’t need to worry as they subside within a couple of days, in some cases a couple of weeks. However, if the symptoms are severe, then consult your doctor immediately. Serious side effects: If the side effects are serious, then immediately call your doctor, and if you feel the symptoms are threatening, then call 911 or reach out to any medical emergency service right away. Serious side effects include: - Hives - Allergic reactions - Swelling on lips, tongue, face, or throat - Trouble breathing

How should Cephalexin be used?

Disclaimer: Here you will get only the most relevant information, but, most of these antibiotic reactions will be different for each person, we do not assure that these details integrate all possible side effects of cephalexin, and it is not an alternative for remedial advice. That is why we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional and learning about the possible side effects of the drug before using it. Cephalexin may relate with other medications: Cephalexin drug can interrelate with other medicines, herbs, or vitamins that you are consuming. Interaction means when a substance changes the mode a medicine works, which can be harmful sometimes or it may prevent the medicine from working properly. When you are on cephalexin medication, your doctor should investigate carefully to prevent the interactions and manage your treatment carefully. That is why it is important to tell your physician about all medicines that you take every day including herbs and vitamins. Your doctor can help you understand how cephalexin interacts with other drugs that you take regularly. The medicines that cephalexin interacts with are listed below:

Cephalexin interaction increase side effects: Taking cephalexin along with other medications increase your risk of side effects, especially when you are taking probenecid drug. When you take cephalexin along with probenecid, the amount of cephalexin may increase more in your body. Also, when you take metformin along with cephalexin may cause severe kidney problems. That is why you need to tell your doctor clearly when you are on metformin when cephalexin is prescribed. This can help the doctor to adjust the metformin dose to reduce the risk of side effects. Cephalexin warnings: Cephalexin comes with several warnings, including: Allergy warning: Cephalexin can increase allergic reactions and side effects. Kidney problems: People who are suffering from kidney problems or any history of kidney issues must avoid taking cephalexin otherwise their body cannot clear the drug. It can further increase the level of cephalexin in their body and cause more side effects. Inform your doctor if you have any kidney problems so that he/she can adjust your cephalexin dose to treat infections. Also, consult your doctor and know whether this medication is safe for you. Pregnant Women: The studies have shown no risk involved to the fetus of pregnant animals when used cephalexin for the treatment. However, there are not much enough studies conducted on pregnant women to find if cephalexin causes any risk to the fetus. Tell your physician if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Cephalexin capsules should be prescribed to a pregnant lady only if it is compulsory.

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